Below are some samples of commercial work.
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Unique Industries website

Unique Industries Website

Business Objective: To update the company website to a refreshed, updated visual brand identity, along with a responsive, mobile-friendly interface, and a reliable CMS for Marketers and Copywriters to do content updates.

Responsible for:

•Visual/Interaction Design & Front-End Development – Creating banners, graphics, icons and interactive elements using Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, and coding with Sass and Javascript in a WordPress theme environment, using Webpack to process CSS, and Visual Composer to create custom layouts for non-developer users (Marketers and Copywriters).

•Content Management – Daily and Weekly updates to content and images.

•Worked with External and Internal Resources – Worked with an outside development firm, along with internal Marketing, IT, and Creative departments to wrangle together the new site.

•User Research – Pulling reports, and analyzing user behavior, taking that information to SEO Copywriters and Marketers, so that we know what areas to revise to increase conversions. Communicating with Customer Service and Credit departments to know what our customers and accounts are experiencing while interacting with the new site, and what we can do to make the process simpler for our customers.

•Mentoring – new users on the WordPress CMS, Theme, and Visual Composer / WPBakery plugins, Photoshop tutorials.

•Marketing Emails – Visual / Interactive Design, Copywriting and Marketing for weekly marketing emails for customers and sales reps to advertise new product release dates.

•Managing Digital Assets – for the Product Information Management (PIM) system, corporate websites and emails.

•Running a Git Repository – Worked with a Database / System Admin to setup a git repository for the site to maintain version control.

•Performing Web Maintenance – Daily maintenance and updates to CMS, themes and plugins.


helium tank site

Helium Balloon Tank Site

Business Objective: To develop a mobile-friendly site to correspond with the marketing launch of a new helium tank product.

Responsible for:

• User Research – Developed a user persona: 35-year old mother of a 5-year old daughter throwing her a birthday party, and bought the helium tank in store to inflate balloons in her backyard. She has never used a helium tank before, but she notices the “how to” video advertised on the packaging. So she pulls out her smartphone and goes to the website, where she finds an instructional video with step-by-step instructions on how to inflate the balloons. Based on this persona walkthrough, we decided it was necessary to create a mobile-first site.

•Visual & Interactive Design – Created visual prototypes of the website using Adobe Photoshop, to show to the Creative Director for initial feedback. Revised designs, and the Creative Director pitched the idea to Sales, Marketing, and the CEO. The mobile-first design concept was approved, and green-lit for development.

• Front-End Development – Developed a mobile-first site from scratch, using custom HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript/jQuery to develop a responsive site for user-testing and production.

•Photography & Video Production – Worked with a Photographer/Videographer to shoot and edit footage for the “how to” video, and production stills for the step-by-step instructions for inflating and recycling the tank. Also had to make sure all video and image files were optimized for mobile web.

•Quality Assurance – Worked with QA & Legal departments to ensure proper safety regulations and legal requirements were documented on the site.

•Copywriting – Worked with a team of SEO copywriters to write the copy for the site. They provided the copy in Word documents, and I uploaded them into the HTML.

•User Testing – After the initial development of the responsive CSS layout, a small group of users (3-5) was selected to test the site on Android and iOS phones, as well as desktop browsers at various sizes. The results from these test posed a couple bugs in Android vs iPhone vs Desktop users. Priority was given to mobile issues first, since the site was intended to be mobile-first, and we anticipated mobile users being our highest target audience.

•Post Launch and Follow-Up Research – Once the site was confirmed for launch, then we had more users on deck checking the initial site under the live production URL in various mobile and desktop browsers. And within the first week and month we pulled reports of users from Google Analytics, which confirmed our hypothesis that over 75% of users were on mobile devices.


appraisal app

Unique Industries Internal Appraisal System

(no link for this one, it lives on an internal server)

Business Objective: To replace the paper method for annual employee reviews with a digital application system to store objectives and reviews for employees and managers.

Responsible for:

•Front-End Development –  Received a visual prototype via a Powerpoint file, and used that as a guideline to write the UI code (.NET, CSS, and Javascript) for the application. Worked with a Back-End Developer who wrote the VB and SQL Database code for the application, that had to correspond with the forms I coded on the front-end. Also worked with an Applications Manager and VP of IT who oversaw the project.

•User Testing – Tested with a small select group of users during the development phase, and again with more users after the application launched. Made notes of which parts of the application worked well, which parts were frustrating, or didn’t work as expected. And will review that with the Development team for the next update.


Waggoner Music Studio site

Waggoner Music Studio Website

Business Objective: To update the site with a modern visual branded feel, and to provide an easier way for parents to signup for students (digital form instead of paper), view the calendar, and see information. Another big objective with this project was to rebuild the sitemap / navigation. Previously, voice lessons were only a sub page on the “piano lessons” site. And the owners wanted the piano and voice to be more on equal level. So we discussed that the landing page would feature both voice and piano, and would each lead to its own respective section of tuition, calendars, resources, etc. You can view more about this on my blog post here.

Responsible for:

•Meeting with Business Owners – to ask questions, understand the needs of their business and their customers (students and parents). Consulted on web platforms, and CMS options that would be easy for them to manage content updates moving forward, while advising on a better visual design and user experience for mobile and desktop users.

Visual Design & UX Research – researched templates from SquareSpace and WordPress to find a template with clean minimalistic view, and easy of use for the owners to take over content entry on the site.

•Content Strategy – Developed the initial Content Strategy and Content Entry for the site, to revise the information architecture and navigation (which info lives where, separating out Piano and Voice into separate sections that are still connected).