Adam is a UX/UI Designer / Developer based in Philadelphia, PA.

Specializing in Front-End Development, User Experience, Prototyping, Designing for Web and Print, Digital Marketing (Email, Blogs, Social Media) Web Content Management, Content Creation, and Writing Fiction.

Who am I?

Some people think I’m a unicorn. But I’m not one for sparkly horns and glitter rainbows. Neigh. I’d consider myself more of a T-shaped generalist. And by that, I don’t mean that I’m Mr. T. ‘Course I’d pity the foo’ who’d think otherwise. What I mean by a T-shaped generalist is best illustrated below.UX T


I bridge the gap between Design and Development, having a penchant for both programming and graphics since my youth, I found a tight niche in having done both during my professional career over the last 6+ years. I’ve always considered myself as someone who lives at the intersection of Creative and Technology. But whether I’m designing or developing, all of that is grounded and centered on UX. And, while most consider UX to be at the beginning of the process with wire framing and prototyping projects, I prefer to hold the hand of my clients and users throughout all phases of the project, walking with them, asking lots of questions, getting to know them and understanding their needs. It’s important to hash out as many concerns and communication at the beginning of a project, but even throughout the design and development phases, decisions are based on user-research. Everything from color choices and branding, to functions and integrations. I often ask questions like “how could we make this process easier?” “How can we simplify the steps?” “What are the most important features? 2nd? 3rd? and so on.”


If we’re talking Myers Briggs, I’m an ENFJ – Extraverted, Intuition, Feeling, Judging.

What does that mean, that I’m about to get all extra-feely-judgy all up in yo face?! Not at all.

Communicating with users is always my top priority. Surveying, interviewing and collecting research. Empathizing and understanding frustrations with products, and finding ways to resolve them. Gathering that data from user-research, and intuitively finding solutions based on user scenarios. All while working within set schedules and timelines.