Account Management System (AMS)

Updated 12/17/17:
Below are some of the wire frames I’ve been working on using Adobe XD. Excited to get these finished and linked-up into a prototype to share soon! Curious to get some testers in on this once the prototype is put together. Let me know if you’re interested in testing it out!

Updated 12/14/17:

So I had this new idea for an app. Similar to how we have project management systems for our work, over the last several years of designing and developing for sales clients, I’ve realized that we need a way for our national account managers to track their leads and follow up with their accounts and reps. The idea for this app came from a need where potential new customers were not receiving contact information as soon as they had hoped. We noted on a form that a sales rep would follow up with new customers within 3-5 business days. But there was a latency. I spoke with individuals in Customer Service, Credit, and Sales that were getting the complaints from these users. I found out through this research that these potential customers were actually contacting the credit department wondering about their order, when they hadn’t been finalized as a new business customer yet. Somewhere there was a drop in communication, but where? As I spoke to the other departments, I started to piece together what was happening. Part of the problem was that every new customer’s info was being forwarded to a National Account Manager, who would then assign the customer to one of his Sales reps to reach out to them. But the thing is, this particular NAM has about 50+ reps underneath of him. And when each of those reps has multiple accounts already, plus new inquiries coming in, well, I can honestly see the dilemma in volume. So then I had this idea for an Account Management System app (AMS), where all of these new account inquiries would live in one place. And sales reps, and NAMs could follow up with them, get push notifications of who’s due to follow up with who and when. It would integrate with other apps like Salesforce, Microsoft Office and Dropbox, so that users could track leads, follow ups, promos, forward and share documents with new accounts, and even message them right in the app. Sort of like an integrated social media hub for sales. It would also integrate with Marketing Email software and Social Media software to sync lists, reports, sales, and all that good stuff.

user flow for AMS app 

This is the first round of a user-flow diagram, created in Adobe Illustrator. This was to hash out the initial walkthrough of the user from entry point, to end point. From here I will take this and finish the quick prototype, and immediately start asking users (Sales / Account Managers) their thoughts about it. From there, I’ll take that research and revise the prototype again, considering suggestions. It’s important to get this in front of the users as soon as possible.


Stay tuned for more updates!



Original post from 12/9/17:

I’m in the process of creating the user flows and wireframes for this Account Management System app, or AMS. Its almost like a social media app for Account Managers. They can login and sync with other apps, contacts, salesforce, etc. They can follow up with leads, subscribe to and advertise promotions (and can even sync with campaigns that are advertised through email or social media)

Today I started working on the wireframes and user flows using Adobe XD and Illustrator on my iPad Pro and MacBook Pro via Astropad. So far liking this process, will post more updates to this post!